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Long Hair Dachshund

The Long Hair Dachshund, is a happy, alert, bold, and highly intelligent dog.

He is wary of strangers, giving loud and early notice of their arrival, but is exceedingly affectionate with his own family.
Despite his small size, he is nevertheless strong, and hardy.

The Long Hair Dachshund has a very attractive soft, shiny coat, rather similar to that of the Irish Setter.

The feathering on his chest, belly, backs of his legs, ears, and tail, minimal grooming to keep it in good condition and tangle free

The Long Hair Dachshund is obedient and responsive to training although his natural instinct for digging needs to be checked from an early age.

He enjoys an active lifestyle, and likes being included in family activities and outings.

The average height is from 13 to 15 cm, with an average weight of 4.7 kg for females and 4.8 kg for males.

Short Hair Dachshund

A spunky little fellow, the Short Hair Dachshund is bold and brave, defiant and determined. His lack of stature does not stop him being a highly effective watch dog and household protector.

Aloof with strangers and not given to bestowing his friendship lightly, he prefers to wait until he knows people better.

However once a friend, he is devoted and loyal in the extreme.

Virtually maintenance free, the Short Hair Dachshund has a coat which can be cleaned with just the wipe of a sponge, his sleek, odourless coat is impervious to rain and mud. He needs exercise in order to maintain his trim physique.

Lively and confident, with a dominant personality and a positive air of self-importance, the Short Hair Dachshund makes an intelligent and amusing pet.

The average height is from 13 to 15 cm, with an average weight of 4.8 kg for females and 4.7 kg for males.


Keeping his eye on you

Waiting for Santa

Taking hunting very seriously

Charlie Brown


Best friends


red smooth - This guy appears to have wandered outside